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 Dark Chocolate Gifts

Unique dark chocolate gifts are yours at, Brooklyn's premier family-owned and operated kosher chocolatiers!

There is nothing like a gift that puts a smile on someone's face, and there is nothing like dark chocolate to please even the most discerning chocolate connoisseur. Dark chocolate is the true chocolate, giving you more of what you crave about chocolate: chocolate!

Give dark chocolate gifts from and give the gift of smiles to your loved ones or your coworkers. Make a positive first impression that lasts with the very best in sweets from the very best in Brooklyn! We're proudly family-owned and operated for good old-fashioned quality and service, famous for our sweets with customers from all over the world. Everyone loves us because we're a traditional neighborhood chocolatier, not some global mass manufacturing operation. That means chocolate you can count on to fix your chocolate fix!

We're the best-kept secret in all of Kings County, able to turn frowns upside-down with mouth-watering palate-pleasing delights straight from the oven. Why, just walking into our store is an exercise in self-control! There is nothing like dark chocolate to really put the "l" in "life" and there's nothing like a gift to put the "g" in "goodness!" Combine it all and you have premium dark chocolate gifts by the best fancy chocolates source in the entire Borough of Brooklyn - and some very happy friends or family members!

Give something that matters, something that touches the heart; give chocolates and feed their taste buds while moving their souls! The gift of food is always in style, always in good taste. Shop and choose to give only the best. For the most devoted chocolate lovers know that dark is how chocolate should be - and is where it's found!

  Kosher Certification

A variety of certifiying bodies serve the hundred and fifty billion-dollar a year kosher food industry. Kashrut is no longer niche in America but big business, with food industry leaders like Nabisco, Proctor & Gamble, and more all making sure that their products are available for all to enjoy. The most popular kosher labels today are Orthodox Union, Organized Kashrut, and Star-K. is committed to flavor that is frum, so all our products are not only good for your taste buds but also good for your soul!